About Me

 In 1982  [through a long series of  events] I learned to sew among many things, including forming foam using  turkey carving knives & grinders. Over time I saw no reason not to  dabble in the occassional seat recover job. Repairing motorcyle seat  covers was a natural past-time for me. I owned many,many, bikes of all  types and in fact-kept 2,3, or more at home frequently. My friends and  acquaintances also had motorcycles so naturally I worked on these  periodically also. More and more, I was faced with requests for  modifying many of these seats. It seemed some people could NOT buy what  they needed, nor knew of anyone who could fashion it for them. In the  1990's I became heavily involved with the vintage motorcycle world.  Participation in the Chicago Norton Owners Club [CNOC] events and  eventually becoming the club's president in 2001. Restoring ,riding,  & showing my 1974 Norton 850 Commando [the black one, above @2009  Chicago IMS and below-left] - even road racing a purpose-built Norton  750 twin [#776 chrome yellow] in AHRMA for a number of years. This  opened up another chapter for me.

Here  we are, 31 years later. I imagine I've worked on just about any and  every kind of motorcycle seat in existence. Over the years I realized  that there seemed to be nobody else in my vicinity doing these very  personal repad, recontouring jobs and have developed this into a  specialty. I believe a lifetime of experience riding all types of  motorcycles, in all types of conditions , has given me an unparallelled  amount of insight in the area of hand-crafted seats. Three + decades of  experience working in automotive trim related industries has allowed me  to gain wide knowledge of various materials, their properties, and even  their best applications. I am confident any problem can be solved with  thought and planning. 123

 Like many in the late 60's, we discovered  dirt bikes [actually mini bikes]. Started off with Briggs &  Stratton - engined hardtail minis, moved 'up' into Honda Mini Trails,  through many SL, TM , TS , XL , DT, YZ,KX,Bighorn  350,yadda yadda. I'll NEVER forget the first ride on a well-sorted  TM400 race 13!  Rode numerous Triumph twins & triples,  a gaggle of Harley Knuckle, Pan, and Shovelhead choppers/bobbers, an  Atlas or 2, Triumph 500 Daytona , even a couple of Tridents . I was  immediately aware I'd found a passion for motorcycles of all types , and  [most] of the people that ride and race 'em. Survived a life time of  mx-enduro-hillclimbing, street racing an H2 750, various Sportsters  & CB's, a BSA chopper , XS650, GPz 's, Secas, zxr750 ,Ducati Super  Sports, BSA twins, and many more.