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When I build a seat... it's nothing but quality, Go ahead... take her for a spin!

What makes my seat better...

A Custom Fit

Custom contouring a seat that was labeled as "custom", but certainly wasn't.


A Custom Covering

Whatever you desire, we can get it. We certainly carry a ton of materials on hand, but we simply can't have everything all the time... but that's where relationships come in. I have been doing this for so long, and have developed so many contacts in the industry that I can get you what ever covering you're looking for.


Attention to Special Requirements

 Here is a great example:

A customer comes in that is having problems with "fitting" his bike due to an artificial hip. The artificial hip simply does not have the range of motion needed to comfortably sit on his bike and properly balance it. This now falls into an issue of not only comfort, but safety. By carefully assessing the seat and how he sits on it, I was able to customize his seat in a way that not only brought him greater comfort, but allowed his legs to extend almost 2 full inches further. He now has confidence in his bike and in his riding... the greatest thing needed to enjoy a ride. 

Here is a before and after shot of the seat.







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