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Here are the top questions our customers ask on a regular basis:

How long will it take to get my seat work completed?

That depends...most cases turn around time will be 7-10 days. If you have a "911" simply tell us. We will do whatever is necessary to get you back On The Road . Some seats will be sent via UPS, FedEx, or USPS. These will require return shipping time be allowed for also.

How do I determine what needs to be done?

You do not need to decide that for yourself. Make arrangements to see Jon in person, on your bike. Simply advise of or describe your specific problems...let the Seat Guy determine how to correctly tackle your dilemma. Generally speaking this visual "size up" will take no more than a few minutes .

Is there an extra cost for colored stitching?

No. We offer dozens of colors for your stitchwork, mild to WILD. This stitching can be matched to paint colors, or contrasted...your choice. The color of the stitching has no affect on pricing. The quantity and/or styling however may. Extremely complicated designs will require considerably more time to create, simple as that.

Do I have to have the foam replaced or can I use the stock foam?

This entirely depends on individual needs. Some original foams are repaired , modified , & added to. Some are trimmed and partially replaced. Some are tossed and we hand fabricate an entirely new foam seat base. All built to customer need. It is not unusual for several [even more] different foam densities to be laminated into one cohesive unit.

I hear a lot about Gel inserts... are they worth it?

Not a big fan of gel for my personal use. I tried it in several different seats [KTM 950 Adventure, Triumph Speed Triple for example] - my own machines. Experience has taught me that we all use what WE like. If gel works for you, I will install it at your request. Please be advised ...I can achieve any benefit gel theoretically may provide, using the correct foam densities for each specific job. The material expense is lower with foam and BIG PLUS - the foam does not absorb heat like the gel will. Did you ever sit on a very hot black vinyl car seat in shorts when the temp was over 90? Get my drift?

Will the material be waterproof? How about the seat?

   First of all, not every material available is waterproof. Leather for instance, is not. In show bike applications, this is not a problem. For the majority of riders, vinyl materials will work best, and stay looking good longest. All vinyls used in our custom applications are 100% marine grade, formulated for exterior use. These are resistant to the sun's uv damage, mildew, and even have what are called "cold crack" properties. This last item can be an issue with snowmobile seats obviously...what about that BMW GS/KTM Adventure rider you see whispering by in the midwest , in December or January when temps can fall below freezing?

   Secondly, every seat that leaves this facility is waterproofed. One [or both] of 2 different processes is applied - #1 sealing all sewn seams inside the cover, using a brush-on sealer designed for marine canvas work  #2 a water-proofing wrap membrane is applied to the foam previous to cover install*envision that super-thin plastic your favorite dry cleaner uses...very similar!

What will this cost?

Again, depends entirely on the specifics. Generally speaking , most recover jobs in vinyl with little or no foam mods will cost under $300. The dual seats requiring custom foam modification with a new cover can range upwards from $250 and potentially cost three times that amount. Do you have a removable backrest that needs recovering to match your new custom-built seat?  Is yours an intricately contoured behemoth touring saddle? Are we talking a 'gator-ostrich radical custom seat? Are you requesting a leather cover? These issues add to time and materials required, so increasing cost. Contact us for a quote. The Seat Guy will give you an HONEST estimate going in, and will honor it!

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