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cafe seatSome people find they are satisfied with the average oem seat on their bike...God bless 'em. Others are able to go buy an acceptably comfortable aftermarket replacement, say a Corbin... Meyer... Mustang... there are many. Countless other people absolutely cannot live with any of these offerings. Whether it be long or short legs? Tall or wide bike? Too hard or soft foam density? Large, well padded rider butt... or GONE butt. Extreme forward slope as in most modern machines [particularly sport-oriented ones] ? Improperly sharp contoured edges in high friction areas? Then, there are those who drag home various vintage/classic beasts which may-or-may-not have a seat! They quite possibly will find a rotten,moldy,mouse motel where this jewel's seat is SUPPOSED to be.

Here are just some of the things we can accomplish for you - using various [and sometimes even multiple] densities of foams, we are able to HAND CRAFT a seat , specifically for YOU. Not a mass-produced "custom" marvel of marketing. These foams are laminated , contoured, and formed completely by hand. Here, we build seats fitted to the individual riding that bike! Vintage seat restorations are performed in much the same way, with an eye on authenticity. For those of you who are so inclined, we install seat heater systems on request. These are a boon to the "Iron Butt" guys out there. Complicated 2 up 'King-Queen' style seats can be pared down to a svelte cafe' or standard style as needed. The location of a rider's center of gravity can be altered a little, or drastically... to need. Hard edges can be chopper seatsoftened, seats leveled out to remove sloping [wedgie producing, know what I mean?]. The seating area can be widened for more support for either the rider bottom or a passenger-or both. Seating position height can be modified, helping with several potential ergonomic issues . Within reason, most anything can be accomplished for improvement.

Of course, simple resection or recover jobs are performed also. Not every customer needs or wants a custom-built "high zoot"seat. We know that. Show-winning custom chopper seats are available, in quite a few types of exotic coverings. Stingray, ostrich, & alligator have been quite popular in recent years and we try to keep a few in stock. Many,many, other hides are always available whether it be cow-hide, buffalo, or even other exotics. All of our vinyl materials are of an exterior/marine grade. These are specifically formulated to resist deterioration caused by uv rays and moisture [think ATV]. Cold crack properties are such that most of these items can be used on snowmobile seats if needed. Bottom line? Your seat will continue to look good, and keep it's integrity for years. Here, our customer's options are nearly unlimited! Mild to WILD. exotic skin chopper seat

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